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I recently purchased the fascinator kit from Judy. 

This kit was an excellent project .  It is an excellent way to become familiar with millinery or just a little something to create when time permits. 


 It came with all the necessary equipment to work from start to finish and I did not need to purchase any additional materials or tools.  The instructions were in written form as well as video support for students to ‘see’ how to construct.  All instructions were very clear and concise and easy to access. 


It was an absolute delight to work through the project and I am hoping that Judy will provide another kit soon.  It was excellent value to me as I live overseas and allowed me to continue learning and creating. 


As well, I didn’t have to purchase all the bits and pieces required for the project and wait for them to arrive;  I could just open the box and get stuck in.   It was especially valuable during these times when attending courses, purchasing supplies,  let alone travelling anywhere is so difficult.  I am left hungry for more!!   



Jean Beckingham


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