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Terms and Conditions


Judy Bentinck Millinery specialises in making bespoke pieces, which can be ordered by contacting her at  her London Studio to schedule an appointment and placing an order in person.

Hat and headpiece prices are quoted, based on the consultation, at the time of the order. Changes to the hat or headpieces after the original quoted price, may result in a price increase, subject to your approval prior to proceeding.

In most situations material sourcing and custom dying are included in the original quoted price. However, in exceptional circumstances, it is possible a quote maybe changed to accommodate more expensive materials if the original is unavailable.

For orders that are to be dyed to match, a sample fabric from your outfit will be required. We cannot guarantee a colour match based on  digital images.

Bespoke hats created from the London Studio require 2-3 consultations, which are included in the agreed price.

Consultations are at Judy Bentinck Millinery in London, UK. If you are unable to visit or are overseas, we can work together through email, phone calls and photographs of the process, to guarantee a result that meet both yours and Judy’s expectations.

All Online Boutique orders are custom-made and are paid in full at the time of the order through PayPal, or credit/debit Card . Orders placed in person at the London Studio can be paid for with cash, credit/debit card or cheque.

A deposit of 50 % will be required before work begins on the commissioned order.

Most bespoke pieces are collected at the final fitting from the London studio. If necessary special delivery or a courier  can be arranged , paid for by the client in advance or direct to the courier company.

You can cancel the order within 3 days of the original consultation. If materials have been bought and work has commenced , this is will require payment. The rest will be refunded.

The right of return and refund does not apply to custom or bespoke items.

Judy Bentinck hopes that every client will be delighted with their purchase.

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